21 Day Fix Diet – Getting Started, 5 Simple Steps

21 Day Fix Calorie Counter

As with many other BeachBody diet’s, 21 Day Fix requires you to make a huge effort when it comes to your eating. The first step is figuring out your calorie levels…then taking that number and going to your appropriate intake chart to figure out your calories deficit/intake ratio and so on and on and on……….

Below is a¬†summary of the 5 steps to getting started(for 21 Day Fix), but if you’re like me and cannot devote your entire life to learning a new diet and carrying around 30 mini containers to eat from is a joke, then this probably isn’t the right plan for you. However…….if you

  • Have a short amount of time to lose weight

  • Want to focus on your stomach area

  • Don’t want to devote your life to learning a new diet

  • Literally force your body to lose weight in 21 days


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Step 1.)  Figure Out Your Calorie Level

You lose weight by maintaining a calorie deficit. To figure out what that number should be, here’s a little easy math:


A.) Your Current Weight In Pounds x 11 = Your Caloric Baseline

B.) Your Caloric Baseline + 400 (fix calorie burn) = Your Caloric Needs

C.) Your Caloric Needs – 750 (Caloric Deficit) = Your Calorie Target


Step 2.) Find The Calorie Chart That Corresponds With Your Calorie Level

You can find the Calorie Charts on pages 18-19 where you’ll see several colored squares that match the various containers, each followed by a number. That number is the amount of times you’ll find that color container each day. So, if you have a “3” after the Green square, that means you’ll be filling the Green Container three times a day.

Step 3.) Have A Look At The Container Food Groups That Correspond With Each Color.

These are the foods you’ll fill the containers with. If you see an amount (8 asparagus spears, for example) that’s how much you put in the container. If there’s no amount, just fill the container to the point that you can still fit the lid on it.

Step 4.) Spread Your Containers Across Your Day

They have included TALLY SHEETS. Check the box each time you fill the (food and drink) containers. The order and timing you do this is up to you, but here are a couple suggestions.

The Energy Balancer- Spread you eating across three meals and two snacks roughly 2-3 hours apart. Utilize a variety of containers with breakfast, lunch and dinner and use the snacks for whatever containers you missed.

The Fat Burner- Spread your eating across six meals, 2 hours apart. Again, keep things balanced, but make sure you’ve eaten all your Purple and Yellow Container foods before 6 PM.

Step 5 Combine This Delicious, Nutritious Diet With The 21 Day Fix Workouts.

And prepare to look and feel like a million bucks. See? Easy!


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